The best baby shower activity

Pinterest, Baby Shower, Activity, Onesies, Decorating, Baby Game, DIY Pinterest
Pinterest, Baby Shower, Activity, Onesies, Decorating, Baby Game, DIY Pinterest

I was lucky enough to not have other people decide my shower games for me, so there was no eating chocolate bars out of a diaper or guess how fat the mom-to-be is… no, it was quite civilized, and the shower activity that we agreed on was SO ADORABLE!

What we did was design onesies using cutouts of flannel fabric, fabric adhesive, and stencils. They results were fantastic and left me with a few dozen very unique baby outfits for my daughter.

The only labor intensive part was washing all the flannel first and then sticking it to the adhesive squares — this part my mom and I did before the shower. Then your shower guests just have to choose a square of material that already has adhesive on it, so all they have to do is cut the shape they want then peel off the backing and stick it on — voila!

Everyone who made one had a great time doing it. We just had a sort of craft table set up so people could do it if they liked, or skip it if they didn’t. It was really, really fun, and as you can see, the results were surprisingly … wearable!

One of a kind onesies beat any baby shower game!

Need a baby shower favor idea?

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In January my family threw a lovely shower for us, and I couldn’t resist doing the favors myself. What I came up with was sourced from a lot of different ideas around Pinterest and Google, but I adapted to keep it simple (mainly with no printed labels, although they look good, if you’re up for it.).

So these are them! I hope you can tell from this picture how ADORABLE they are… I loved them! On the cards I just wrote a little Thank You note.

Like? Hope so. : )

What you’ll need: 

– 3 – 5 rolls of thin ribbon
– 12 sheets japanese or stiff craft paper (available at craft stores)
– (# of guests) x 250 mL mason jars and lids, enough for each guest and a few tests.
– (# of guests) x 1 cup of candy. (I got 2 cups of everything and filled two different mason jars with each candy type) <– picking the candy is THE best part. I went to Bulk Barn. Probably gained 5 lbs.
– hole punch

How to: 

1. Sanitize and dry each mason jar
2. FIll jars with about 1 cup of candy, close lid.
3. Cut japanese paper into small squares (about 2″ x 2″)
4. Write your thank you note on each square. Hole punch one corner.
5. Measure and cut ribbon x # of mason jars, long enough to tie a bow.
6. Tie ribbon around neck of mason jar (secure with glue gun if it slips, mine stayed though)
8. Tie a knot. Then thread the thank you square onto ribbon.
9. Tie a bow. Trim the ribbon.
10. Done!