The Great Origami Mobile (that I’ll never make)

Complex Origami Mobile

I started this quest with an interest in making an origami mobile for my baby’s room, but … that’s just not gonna happen. So for you artsy craftsy types…. here’s some inspiration:

This Origami mobile is beautiful. I’d say it’s THE DON of origami mobiles, and trust me… I’ve googled long and hard.

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The one pictured above is a mix of shapes and animals, from fish to cranes to pointy balls, and it was the first to inspire me.

Another nice one is the butterfly punchout one.

Paper Butterfly Mobile
Paper Butterfly Mobile

More pictures and instructions available on the original blog it’s from here.

The butterfly punchout is available at giant art stores (Michael’s in Canada) or on Amazon here. I found the size a bit smaller than I would have liked (so check it to make sure it suits you). You can also get the non-monarch butterfly which has no holes and would look more like this (below):

Butterfly Mobile

Full tutorial for this one is available here (by its creator Carina Gardner)

Good luck! Oh, and if all else fails I’m pretty sure Pottery Barn has one. (+ More can be found on this board)

Eat Local this summer: beginning with asparagus and strawberries

It’s almost asparagus and strawberry time in Ontario, the beginning of *hopefully* a long and prosperous growing season. My cousins run an incredible Organic farm and it’s amazing to be so close to the hard, hard work that goes into their CSA and production every year.

It’s given me a passion for eating locally, of course.

strawberry asparagus festival toronto
The strawberry & asparagus festival in Toronto is June 2nd, 2013. 

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what’s in season when, because you really can’t tell the difference from going to the supermarket. So I’m here to remind you that May is Asparagus season in Ontario! (Why am I so excited about this??), followed closely be Strawberries in June!!!!

I can’t wait to take RZ to pick Organic fruits and vegetables! She’s been fascinated with the outdoors since birth, and LOVES plants, trees, and….food.

& also….

… the Asparagus and Strawberry Festival!

Date: June 2, 2010
Venue: Cedarvale Park – Children
Address: 433 Arlington Ave, Toronto, Ontario,M6C 3A2, Canada

Markets with Toddlers. Makin’ it work.

Ask any Torontonian about how packed St Laurence Market is on a Saturday morning and they’ll tell you there’s barely room to move WITHOUT an oversized stroller.

But we do it. And I hope you dare to do it too.

That being said …. I Can’t wait for Spring and the open air local farmers markets.

But here’s a few shots from St Laurence yesterday….