5 reasons to get away with your significant other and nobody else.

Dinner for two on the beach

Dinner for two on the beach

It has been exactly 18 hours and 7 minutes since my husband and I basically washed up on the shore of Negril, Jamaica. We had been frolicking for 6 days, baby-free, on vacation with a capital V, and it was absolutely wonderful. So I’m writing a quick post to encourage you to take a break. A short one, a long one – whatever you can do. You know you want it. You know you deserve it.

Here’s 5 reasons to:

1. Because your kid/s will be FINE. Not only was our daughter not mad at us, she seems to love us even more when we got back (as if that were possible?!).

2. Because it’s so good to know that underneath this whole mommy and daddy thing are best friends, lovers, artists…. free spirits. It literally took us 24 hours to go from frazzled and burned out to feeling like whole people again.

3. Because 5 days (or 3, or 1) vacation is actually the equivalent of a year in toddler-free time. (Think: 1 hour pedicure? Feels like a day right?)

4. Because you deserve to have some FUN. (Not the kind of ‘fun’ you talk yourself into before a visit to Ping’s farm)

5. Because there’s nothing kids hate worse than loser parents that gave up their whole lives to dote on them. Right?

Just sayin’.