Need a baby shower favor idea?

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In January my family threw a lovely shower for us, and I couldn’t resist doing the favors myself. What I came up with was sourced from a lot of different ideas around Pinterest and Google, but I adapted to keep it simple (mainly with no printed labels, although they look good, if you’re up for it.).

So these are them! I hope you can tell from this picture how ADORABLE they are… I loved them! On the cards I just wrote a little Thank You note.

Like? Hope so. : )

What you’ll need: 

– 3 – 5 rolls of thin ribbon
– 12 sheets japanese or stiff craft paper (available at craft stores)
– (# of guests) x 250 mL mason jars and lids, enough for each guest and a few tests.
– (# of guests) x 1 cup of candy. (I got 2 cups of everything and filled two different mason jars with each candy type) <– picking the candy is THE best part. I went to Bulk Barn. Probably gained 5 lbs.
– hole punch

How to: 

1. Sanitize and dry each mason jar
2. FIll jars with about 1 cup of candy, close lid.
3. Cut japanese paper into small squares (about 2″ x 2″)
4. Write your thank you note on each square. Hole punch one corner.
5. Measure and cut ribbon x # of mason jars, long enough to tie a bow.
6. Tie ribbon around neck of mason jar (secure with glue gun if it slips, mine stayed though)
8. Tie a knot. Then thread the thank you square onto ribbon.
9. Tie a bow. Trim the ribbon.
10. Done!