Hi! I’m Justine.

This blog wasn’t always about food, but through writing and raising our daughter (born in 2012) I’ve realized that my passion for wholesome food, cooking adventures, and eating well was inspiring a lot of posts. And a lot of cooking. And a Facebook community called Whole Foods for Healthy Toddlers. (Be sure to check out and ‘like’ the page for updates.)

I’ve been cooking for about 13 years, ever since I moved out into an apartment over a laundromat with my best friend back in 2000 and starting experimenting in our big Italian kitchen after buying bags and bags of groceries at Fiesta Farms! My influences include the inner family (grandmother, mom, stepmom, aunties), the extended family (Gordon and Giada), and my muse, co-chef husband Jason who makes things taste like magic.

Something else about me?

The food we make is not just about being ‘healthy’ although that’s important, obviously, but it’s more about adventures in flavour and texture. “Nutrients” are scientific – they’re just the means to the end, which is really super tasty food.

I live in Toronto with Jason and super-toddler daughter.

This is my diary, philosophy, and a marker of time and days….

me & baberoo

Baby and me
Baby and me

5 thoughts on “Something about me

  1. Greetings of the season, and so delighted to see that you are living life to the fullest. Many congrats on baby and love and success.

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