How to make perfect fluffy scrambled eggs

1. Whisk together 3 eggs per person plus a tablespoon of milk and teaspoon of water (also per person, so 2 people = 6 eggs, 2 tbsp milk, 2 tsp water. Add a pinch of salt.

2. Heat a non-stick pan and melt a pat of butter until it’s lightly bubbling.

3. Pour in eggs and use a spatula to immediately scrape the eggs that have stuck to the bottom. This happens almost instantly, if it hasn’t happened, your pan is not warm enough (turn it up.)

4. Use X’s and O’s to slowly keep gathering up the eggs that stick to the bottom – dragging the spatula across the pan from side to side (X) and around the perimeter (O).

5. When you have a few ‘piles’ of under cooked fluffy eggs, turn heat down to low.

6. Gently flip over piles so that undercooked surfaces get some heat, but not too much. At this point, the eggs almost cook themselves.

7. When no runny spots remain, season with finishing salt [and pepper if you like] and serve.

The eggs should look like miniature clouds and should be able to jiggle like jello. Now, I know scrambled eggs are not finger food generally, but when they turn out like cupcakes, why not?

Scrambled eggs
Scrambled eggs

The Great Origami Mobile (that I’ll never make)

Complex Origami Mobile

I started this quest with an interest in making an origami mobile for my baby’s room, but … that’s just not gonna happen. So for you artsy craftsy types…. here’s some inspiration:

This Origami mobile is beautiful. I’d say it’s THE DON of origami mobiles, and trust me… I’ve googled long and hard.

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The one pictured above is a mix of shapes and animals, from fish to cranes to pointy balls, and it was the first to inspire me.

Another nice one is the butterfly punchout one.

Paper Butterfly Mobile
Paper Butterfly Mobile

More pictures and instructions available on the original blog it’s from here.

The butterfly punchout is available at giant art stores (Michael’s in Canada) or on Amazon here. I found the size a bit smaller than I would have liked (so check it to make sure it suits you). You can also get the non-monarch butterfly which has no holes and would look more like this (below):

Butterfly Mobile

Full tutorial for this one is available here (by its creator Carina Gardner)

Good luck! Oh, and if all else fails I’m pretty sure Pottery Barn has one. (+ More can be found on this board)