With parenthood, your weekends change from unstructured relaxation sessions to…. that other thing, which is so far from that!

So when I heard about the company that delivers your weekly milk, eggs, and bread, in a ‘weekly staples bin,’ I jumped at the chance to try it, review it – and now to tell the world about it. (BTW, you can get whatever you want, not just staples, and they have dairy-free, gluten-free, Peanut-free, kosher, and vegan options) 

Donate Naturally is the name of the company, and the other thing about them (as you can tell by the name) is that 15% of the purchase is donated to a charity of your choice. Having the opportunity to give back while not having to lift a finger but actually receiving something. Well, these guys are onto something. May I say, especially for overworked parents!?!

Here’s some other highlights I really like:

*thanks to Jane (your go-to Stella & Dot jewellery source) for first mentioning Donate Naturally and also to Emma (Fashionable Strolling the City Mamma) for reviewing these bins first and giving me the great idea.

Weekly Staples Bin Eggs Milk Bread
Weekly Staples Bin – Rowe Farm Eggs, Harmony Organic Milk, Brick Street Whole Wheat Bread

The bin contains Rowe Farm Eggs, Harmony Organic Milk, and Brick Street Whole Wheat Bread (the kind of bread that you want to sneak a piece of at midnight and smother in PB+J. With a glass of milk).

Here’s how the owner, Jasmin, describes Donate Naturally (I love it): “We are an online retailer of healthy and organic non−perishable foods, personal and household products, and supplements. We sell everything from cereal, to laundry detergent, to multi−vitamins to skin cream – all with one caveat – it has to be good for you and your family. We do not list products with harmful chemicals or toxins (see our No/No List). These are “mom−approved” brands you can trust, conveniently delivered right to your front door, with a 15% donation component on every item.”



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