Let me start by saying that this dish was devoured, not just by our toddler, but us too! I don’t know why I never tried it before. It’s such an obvious and irresistible dish, especially to the toddler palette. I made a chicken and broccoli dinner version and a sweeter-rice mango desert version, and both were unbelievably tasty. For the sticky rice, I followed the recipe from Bangkok-born Miranti Borvornsin of High Heels Gourmet (She’s really great. You gotta love a food blogger who encourages wine-sip breaks!)

I won’t mess with her recipe for sticky rice, but I will say: if you’ve never steamed rice before, it’s the funnest thing ever. It’s like watching flowers grow in twenty minutes. You just see this steamer full of rice expand into the most beautiful little kernels of juicy Thai jasmine rice… and then, with the addition of the coconut milk sauce … divine. I admit I’m a bit of an over-excitable super geek when it comes to food and cooking, but hey – that’s why I’m writing about it! 

To make it extra toddler friendly, I topped it all with milk and a dash of cinnamon.

Irresistible sticky rice with mango for toddlers
Irresistible sticky rice with mango for toddlers

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