I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time, because every time I use either of things, I think man, that made my life so much easier and then Does everyone even know about these things? 

So, here’s the background. Before we had our daughter we went out and bought this super amazing one-of-a-kind blender. That’s what you need to make baby food, right? I thought I’d be blending up all sorts of things.

Actual times I used that blender… maybe three?

We ended up doing the whole foods thing – the BLW thing, (their tagline is ‘the mush stops here’. So yeah, not much blending and puréeing.)

There were a few times that I mashed up potatoes or used a hand blender, but overall, it wasn’t blending that proved to be the biggest challenge of feeding a small toothless child. What I really needed was help getting things soft and ‘gummable’ and then re-heating those things.

Enter lifesaver #1: The 3 in1 Slow cooker/Pressure cooker/Rice cooker 

  • The first thing I ever pressure cooked was broccoli. I cooked it for one pressure-cook minute (the minimum) and it was almost too soft. Perfect for Raquel who at the time was probably around 6 or 7 months old. The food kept it’s shape (tree!) but posed no problem for her to eat. WIN!

    I love this thing. I love Breville.
  • Then, we started with rice and it was so nice to not have to babysit the pot and reduce to simmer etc. etc. The pressure cooker knows… it measures the time, it takes care of the water, it makes flawless rice every time. Plus, brown rice in 20 minutes instead of 40. WIN!
  • Finally, the slow cooker has a ‘brown’ setting so you can sear and brown and sauté right in the thing before you start the slow cook part. Lifesaver.
  • It’s around $200. Is that expensive? I have no sense of price when it comes to the kitchen. But I’m very thrifty with shoes and purses so it evens out ; )

2. Breville Electric kettle

Life changing. Can’t believe I ever didn’t have one.
  • Early on, I discovered that you can pour hot water on a refrigerated steamed carrot or a bowl of rice or pasta and it will instantly become just slightly warmer than it needs to be. Wait 3o seconds – perfect. And being able to heat water without using the stove is so much easier when baby-wrangling. I can’t imagine microwaving or pan-warming or oven warming everything. Does that make me lazy? Maybe. But this is just too easy. And microwaves… they don’t distribute the heat very reliably. Hot spots are not cool.
  • I have never and will never claim to be one of those mom’s who slaves away for hours and hours. If I do, it’s because something went wrong or I didn’t plan or organize properly. Faster, better.

One thought on “Beyond the blender: The 2 kitchen gadgets I would take to a desert island.

  1. The pressure cooker/slow cooker/rice cooker thing sounds pretty awesome – brown rice in 20 minutes and comes out perfectly every time? Awesome! Breville is great – we have a juicer and it’s amazing. Quality wins for certain things that will last a long time, so I don’t think $200 is unreasonable for something like this. Also seems like it makes pressure cooking less scary – is that true? Also note only one space between sentences… 🙂

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