It’s such an adventure to figure out what to feed a baby sometimes; but the older the baby gets, the more the kitchen and pantry options seem to expand. I find it so much fun to experiment with new foods and recipes. Many of the foods in this list, Raquel has been eating since she was 8 months old. So here it is… the list of 50 healthy, simple, first foods!

Once you’ve graduated to more food combining, check out some of my toddler-friendly recipes (some teeth help) or if you’re just beginning to give your baby real food, check out my earlier posts on how we started Raquel on food, using a “no-puree” method sometimes called baby-led weaning. <– The name is dumb. It could also be called “eating food.”  

Finger Food Babies Honeydew
Raquel at about 6 months old, eating honeydew.

Here’s a picture of us last summer, with her eating (more like sipping and gumming, at that stage) some fresh honeydew.

50 Healthy Baby Foods for the First Year:

  1. Honeydew
  2. Hummous
  3. Watermelon
  4. Avocado (a good very first food)
  5. Cheese
  6. Mango (In the winter we use the frozen, already chopped. Blanche and Dice.)
  7. Green peas (First Food) (Blanche, steam, or boil)
  8. Halved Grapes
  9. Hearts of Palm (Dice) 
  10. Artichoke hearts (From Jar. Dice, hearts only, with olive oil)
  11. Brown rice (Well cooked – 2 to 1 water to rice or 45 – 50 min.)
  12. White rice (but brown rice is healthier, for the record.) 
  13. Raisins (7+ mos.) 
  14. Puffed wheat/rice cakes (7+ mos.) 
  15. Almond butter on toast (7+ mos.) 
  16. Israeli cous cous (7+ mos.) 
  17. Pear (Soft, Diced)
  18. Broccoli (Well steamed or boiled til mushy)
  19. Banana (First Food) 
  20. Spaghetti with pesto, olive oil, cheese sauce or tomato sauce  
  21. Rotini, same as above .
  22. Soba noodles 
  23. Rice noodles
  24. Cottage cheese 
  25. Pita and cream cheese (7+ mos.) 
  26. Scrambled/Chopped egg (7+ mos.) 
  27. Sweet Potato 
  28. Green Beans (Pre-cut, frozen – blanche, steam or boil)
  29. Carrots (Blanche, steam or boil)
  30. Bluberries (Organic is best for thin-skinned fruits) 
  31. Chicken pieces
  32. Fish pieces
  33. Steamed Squash (Diced.) 
  34. Strawberries (Diced.) 
  35. Clementine/tangerine pieces (7+ mos. Diced and Deveined.) 
  36. Yoghurt (Also great as dressing or dip) 
  37. Cheese Curds (big hit) 
  38. Papaya (Diced) 
  39. Plum (Skinless, Diced.) 
  40. Apricot (Diced) 
  41. Asparagus tops (Blanched, Boiled, or Steamed until ‘gummable’.) 
  42. Beets (Boiled til soft) 
  43. Cauliflower (Boiled or Steamed until soft) 
  44. Zucchini 
  45. Spinach (Blanched or steamed. Chopped.) 
  46. Tofu (Raw. Mashed or Cubed) 
  47. Black beans (slightly mashed) 
  48. Kidney beans (slightly mashed) 
  49. Mashed Potato
  50. Turkey! With cranberry sauce! — Ok, this one might take a little work ; ) 

13 thoughts on “50 Healthy First Foods – Hassle-free, healthy ideas for baby’s journey into real food

  1. Wow! Number 50 impresses me! You are def made to be a baby feeder! With little I prepared all sorts of yummy foods, I remember hubby saying whilst i was making salmon tomato and cheese combo that the baby ate better than us!! 🙂

    1. For those little tiny bellies they sure do require a lot of food don’t they! Almost as much as hubbies ; )

  2. Super list- babies love to experiment, and have surprisingly refined tastes sometimes. Although mainly they hare at their happiest chewing on mummy and daddy’s technology. The more advanced the better. IPhone trumps fake baby phone every time!

    1. Yes to the refined tastes of babies… she surprised me with a love of giant capers the other day. lol. Thanks for your comment : )

  3. Love it! My friends and family call my son “the organic baby”, but these days he’s been shying away from anything that’s not an organic wheat cracker (those 16-month-old teething woes). Your list is so awesome that I want to go buy one of everything on it to see if he’ll eat something!

    1. Our daughter is also ‘the organic baby’ but she’s only 13 months and I’ve heard they get pickier, starting soon. Fingers crossed your little man digs a few of these fifty!

      1. It’s so nice to hear about other organic babies. It makes me feel a little less crazy when the people around me are feeding their toddlers blue- and red-iced cupcakes and candy and chips and they look at me confusedly for feeding mine strawberries and almond yogurt 😛 Good luck though! It is definitely true that they get pickier, but if they’re already accustomed to eating healthy foods, they’ll be picky with healthy foods.

      2. I’m sure the occasional cupcake is fine (hmm… once a year?!) but regularly eating processed sugar and trans-fats is a one-way ticket to serious future problems (too many to name, from physical health to mental health to body image to the ability to concentrate in school!)

        That’s not what we want for our babies…. it makes me so sad that healthy eating isn’t the norm. That’s why I’m dedicating more and more posts to the topic – healthy whole food menus doesn’t have to mean hours of work for moms… : ) Ammiright!?

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