20130412-173116.jpgYesterday RZ, in her typically adorable fashion, pointed to the five oranges in our fruit basket and said her favorite word: that! (‘Dat’)

She wanted an orange, or so I thought.

I passed her an orange and she squealed with glee at the rollie-pollie object on her high chair tray. Then she did it again: ‘dat!’

Until she had 5 giant oranges on her tray and was loving every minute of getting overtaken by giant orange balls.

But then she pointed to the bananas: ‘dat!’ And I started wondering if this was less about shapes and more about her first inklings of understanding where food comes from.

We spent a while playing with the oranges and bananas, and then I took the opportunity to open them for her and let her have at them: that’s when the real fun began.

Happy to report, a 13 month old baby can probably eat a whole fruit better than you’d expect. In fact, it’s easier almost than those bits and bytes we make for them.

Food for thought!





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