I just spent 30 minutes giving a young blonde girl the evil eye on the subway. Because there I was, big as a house, standing in the doorway holding on to a pole for dear life, and she has the nerve to sit there staring at me. Not even bothering to pretend she couldn’t see my pregnantness like all the rest of the fuckers on the train.

Didn’t her mama teach her?!

I used to think that giving up one’s seat on the subway for a pregnant woman was just a polite thing to do. Her back probably hurts or something, right? But now I understand.

Now I reaaaaallly understand.

It’s so much more than that.

First of all, the pregnant lady might fall over. Her belly weighs THAT much. Public transit isn’t kind at the best times but add the weight of a baby to those jerks and swerves and you’re pretty much at the mercy of wherever that train is headed.

Second, the pregnant lady probably hasn’t been able to wear comfy shoes or clothing for weeks. NOTHING is comfy. There’s just no such thing as comfy anymore. Her Fred Flinstone feet barely even fit into those UGGS that are twice her usual size. And yes, they hurt. Especially after having to stand still for long periods. So give her that tiny bit of comfort. It’s all she’s got.

Third, she’s not in the mood to be gaped and stared at. Seven people at her office have already made “ready to pop” jokes today and they make her feel a bit on the circusy side. Get her out of the spotlight.

Fourth, yes her back hurts. Or if it doesn’t, by the end of this ride it will. If not her back then her hips, or her stretched belly or compressed lungs or seven other things that take turns hurting. Sitting will at least temporarily help ease one of those.

Fifth, she feels shitty overall. The glow has melted into lard and her formerly svelte face has gone balloony. She’s got a layer over her ankles that trumps grandmas cankles, and when someone is nice it really makes a big impact. It might just make her day.


2 thoughts on “If you saw me on the bus, would you give me your seat?

  1. totally agreed. I’m a 4-month pregnant, public transitter, and already standing is brutal… If i’m standing on the bus, and it’s crowded and smelly, I will literally throw up on you. Sorry folks 🙂

  2. HA! That would be awesome! Hope your morning (all day/) sickness subsides soon and the seat-offers start poring in. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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