bitches get shit done
I might be a bitch, but I'm a nice one!


I don’t feel like a bitch… but when I’m fighting with my husband and he makes valid points (hate when he does this) sometimes I wonder if I’m too much of a hard ass. Too judgmental. Too cool for school.

It’s not the first time I’ve been accused of these things, but I’ve really only begun to consider the possibility recently. Obviously this isn’t something I want for myself, my family, or friends. And I do have friends… which is a good indication that I’m not a bitch, right?

Perhaps I’m being too general. I can be bitchy, how’s that? I can be overly snarky for sure, and hard on people and situations, and my standards are way high on a lot of different criteria.

These are things I could probably tone down a bit. You know, be more positive. Be less harsh.

I’ve also been accused of being hormonal and third-trimestery… to which I say Bullocks! I’m FINE!

In any case, maybe I should reflect on my hard edges, my snarky remarks, my defensive retorts, and my need to be too cool for school. Yeaouch. It hurts just to think about all this stuff.

In my own defence… the wise Tina Fey once pointed out that Bitches Get Shit Done!


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